Best Tour Guide to the Ultimate Riff

Kick Out the Jams host Mitch Capka

Listen up, my brothers and sisters in rock. Is your life a quest for the most rockin' tuneage you've never heard before? Mitch Capka's got the goods. It's unlikely you'll emerge from Kick Out the Jams, his long-running, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday program on WJCU 88.7 FM, without having heard at least one track that makes you say, "Where has this been all my life?" He plays 45s by '60s garage bands; he plays classic punk; he plays modern metal bands. He plays bands from, as he says, "around the world and around the corner." He plays anything as long as it rocks hard and loud. Frijid Pink, Peter Frampton, Hawkwind, the Plasmatics, Nashville Pussy, Nazareth, local early '70s prog duo Atlantis Philharmonic, bands no one you know has ever heard of — they all get an airing. Best of all, Capka's a fountain of information about the bands he plays, and he's an obsessive collector who's always eager to trade with listeners. (, — Pantsios