Best Tremont Bar

The Treehouse

Readers' Choice

There's really nothing fancy about the Treehouse, save, of course, the fake tree that sprouts from the middle of the bar and extends its branches outward. Otherwise, you'll find a nicely stocked batch of taps, a healthy dose of (not always healthy) bar food, and one of the most glorious patios in Cleveland. Really, the patio is huge, and it's filled afternoon or evening. It is one of the best spots to enjoy a brew under the open sky in one of Cleveland's favorite neighborhoods. The place brings in live music now and then, too, so the front bar area tends to get bumpin', as the kids say, which offers a swell contrast to the joint's otherwise laid-back demeanor. However you slice it, the Treehouse is niiice.

820 College Ave., 216-696-2505,

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