Best Tribute Band That's Not Wish You Were Here


AC/DC tribute band Bonfire is all about the music. While Bonfire's core trio doesn't go out of its way to look much like AC/DC, the guys have spent the better part of a decade working on the Aussie rock icons' sound. That said, recently added guitarist Will Halikias gives them all the visual flare they need, expertly emulating Angus Young's unkempt schoolboy stomp, duck walk and strip routine. They're always ready to tackle classics at the drop of a tie: Their repertoire includes entire albums like Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap, Highway to Hell and Back in Black, in addition to a handful of tracks from later albums and obscurities like "Crabsody in Blue." Halikias is equally proficient with Bon Scott's horny rasp and Brian Johnson's brawler bark. Catch them on Halloween night at the Sly Fox Lounge. ( Ferris