Best TV Personality Who Can't Go on the Big Rides

Li'l John Rinaldi, WJW Fox 8

It's time John Rinaldi got his due. Each Friday and Saturday night, on WJW Fox 8, Rinaldi helps Chuck Schodowski introduce such cinematic gems as Sylvester Stallone's trucker/arm-wrestling epic Over the Top to Cleveland viewers. (The show is taped every Thursday in front of a studio audience consisting mostly of Boy Scouts and members of the Red Hat Ladies.) The 4-foot-3-inch Broadcasters Hall of Fame inductee can also be seen in the skits that air before commercial breaks, where he plays the straight man to Chuck's Ben Crazy character or the sidekick to Cuyahoga Jones. These skits might be 20 years old, but Rinaldi's gusto makes them seem more like 15.