Best Underground Concert Club

Now That's Class

In the shadow of Lakewood, Cleveland's Now That's Class concert club launched in 2007, a proudly no-frills punk bar that seemed destined to burn out quickly. More than three years later, it's the west end's premier concert club, whether or not you dig the kind of loud, crusty tunes that rock the roost at least six nights a week. The venue is small, but it has plenty of options to stage shows of all sizes: Bands set up and rage on a rear patio, a cramped bar, a bigger concert room, and even a claustrophobic basement. Any given night might feature an act such as hardcore gods Agnostic Front, former Dead Milkmen frontman Joe Jack Talcum, new-school kings like Bane, or niche groups like cult stars Bastard Noise, Dee Cracks from Austria, or the Cleveland one-man band Mr. California. Virtually nothing here will set you back more than $10, and shows usually feature gloriously undercrowded bills with four bands or fewer. Maybe that's not exactly class, but that's the whole point.

11213 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, 216-221-8576,