Best Unisex Sport Pedicure

Salon Mandalfino

Routine exercise beautifies the body, but abuses the feet. Next time your puppies are barking after a jog, treat them to a soothing 30-minute "Sport Pedicure" ($28) or 60-minute "Spa Pedicure" ($40) at sleek Salon Mandalfino. As the manicurist fetches complimentary bottled water, coffee, or wine, you soak your feet in a sudsy mini-whirlpool. Then comes the eight-course treatment: She'll trim your toenails and cuticles, file your nails to perfection and buff them smooth, massage both feet with an abrasive scrub to loosen dead skin, expertly eliminate your callouses, and then top it all off with a lemon-scented moisturizing cream. Usually, only women opt for the final touch -- toenail polish.