Best Unusual Dessert

Chocolate Beet Cake, Jimmy O'Neill's Tavern

When the waiter at Jimmy O'Neill's brings the tavern's signature dessert to your table, the natural reaction is to sit back for a moment of awe. It resembles a triangular brick, three inches high and smothered in black Belgian chocolate that's giving off steam. At its side is a mountain of whipped cream, made fresh that day. It takes a few bites to get the full effect. The cake is very sweet, but the dark chocolate takes the edge off and adds just a hint of bitterness. Then you notice, faintly, the beets. Each slice has four ounces of them, which gives the center a warm, earthy taste. One slice for $4.55 is too big and too sweet to be handled by a mere mortal. Better to enjoy with a friend.