Best Up and Coming Chef

Adam Bostwick

Some chefs seem to be everywhere, all the time — on TV, in the newspaper, on the radio, chatting up his or her latest game-changing (insert dish, restaurant, food truck name here). Other chefs — chefs' chefs — put their heads down and make great food. For these passionate practitioners of the culinary arts, the goal isn't celebrity; it's mastering their craft and putting smiles on the faces of diners. Adam Bostwick is one of these chefs. Though you'd be hard-pressed to pick him out of a line-up, he's been cranking out killer food for years — at places like Melange, Dinner in the Dark events, and at Cork & Cleaver, which he co-owns with another great chef, Brian Okin. If you haven't yet been to C&C, do so. And when the waiter asks what you'd like to eat for dinner, tell him or her that you'd like the Reuben Ribs. And when you take that first bite of pork ribs and swear to jebus that you just took a bite of corned beef, you can thank Chef Bostwick for creating a truly original, unexpected and, yes, game-changing dish.

Staff Pick: Adam Bostwick