Best Upscale Burger


It would be very simple to discount B Spot, Michael Symon's East Side burger bar, as a quick payday for a celebrity chef. But as most diners can attest, Symon wouldn't dare tarnish his brand by attaching it to a middling product. Cleveland's Iron Chef attacked this project with as much passion as he did Bar Symon, Lola, and Lolita. The result: a contemporary bar and grill that serves astonishingly consistent gourmet hamburgers. Built of beef supplied by famed New York purveyor Pat LaFrieda — a custom blend of chuck, sirloin, and brisket — the four-finger-thick pub burgers explode with beefy goodness. Griddled to crusty perfection, the toothsome patties boast a rosy hue and properly textured grain. Blood, salt, and fat wash across the tongue in successive waves. Folks who like to gild the proverbial lily can order varieties crowned with pastrami and slaw, corned beef and kraut, or flipsteak and Cheez Whiz. A well-stocked relish bar and sauce-laden table caddies allow diners to further doll up burgers to their (cultured) tastes.

28699 Chagrin Blvd., Beachwood, 216-292-5567,