Best Use of a Synthetic

Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival

You've no doubt used duct tape for everything from propping up mufflers to initiating that pledge back in your glory days. But the annual Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival (held over Father's Day weekend, of course) uncovers at least a dozen new functions for the colorful, sticky adhesive. Participants construct dozens of floats -- which resemble ginormous fruit baskets, fire-breathing dragons, and old jalopies -- for an annual parade. Fashion students design wearable dresses, hats, and jackets. And artists sculpt colossal statues that look like planets and forest creatures. Naturally, it's all made out of duct tape. There are plenty of community-fair staples here too -- rides, games, totally lame but totally lovable cover bands. And it's safe to say this is the only fair that hands you a roll of duct tape -- your choice of blue, red, or yellow -- when you walk through the gate.