Best Use of Apples

Johnny Applestix

California entrepreneurs Mark Kuperman and Anthony Dellamano introduced battered and fried Applestix to the world this past April at Jacobs Field. (A second location opened in Parmatown Mall in July.) Made from tart Ohio Mutsu apples and tossed in a secret blend of sugar and spices, these appealing little noshes are served with a choice of caramel, chocolate, lemon cheesecake, peanut butter, or vanilla dipping sauces, for a taste experience about as far removed from health food as gin is from water. But wait -- there's more! In a final act of chutzpah, Kuperman and Dellamano pushed the nutritional envelope just a little bit harder. The result? The Super -- those very same fried-apple sticks, now topped with frozen custard! Are these guys gods or what?