Best Use of Soy

Deli at Web of Life Natural Foods Market

Other than the customers and staff, you'll find nothing at the Web of Life deli that came into this world wearing a face. The deli serves no beef, pork, poultry, or fish products. No cow's milk, cheeses, or eggs, either. Instead, there's mock tuna salad made from garbanzo beans and "ice cream" made from oats. Want heartier fare? Check out the Veggie Hot Dog or the Vegan Burger. Or the Tempeh Reuben, or some surprisingly tasty barbecued tofu. And when talented chef Lance Triscari really gets cooking, look for goodies like crisp, breaded artichokes stuffed with soy "cream cheese"; white lasagna, with tofu, spinach, and mushrooms; and red lasagna, with textured soy protein and chopped carrots. Who knew grazing at the bottom of the food chain could taste so good?