Best Vegetarian Brunch Buffet

Mustard Seed Market Café (Solon)

Just think what remarkable dishes you could create with the entire inventory of the region's top natural-foods market at your disposal. Now, think how cool it would be if someone else did the cooking for you. It's not just a foodie's fantasy: It's what you'll find on the brunch buffet each Sunday at the Mustard Seed Market Café. While devout carnivores can still load up on bacon, sausage, and oven-roasted salmon, vegetarians (and, to a lesser extent, vegans) are the ones who really make out here, with alternatives that range from baked tofu and organic salad greens to carrot cake and chocolate-chip cookies. Tabbouleh, hummus, and veggie-stuffed grape leaves share space with organic granola and all-natural yogurt. To wash it down, the à la carte alternatives include everything from organic soy milk to freshly squeezed carrot juice -- with or without a hit of spirulina.