Best Vegetarian

Peking Gourmet

It's been 16 years since this little downstairs dining room opened in an East Side shopping plaza, and in that time it has quietly developed into one of the most intriguing and delightful options around for adventurous vegetarians (and their carnivorous friends). Peking's "Zen Vegetarian Cuisine" is a sort of Asian-new-age hybrid that relies on exotic combos of veggies, nuts, and sauces for style, and tofu, textured soy protein, and seitan for body and substance. The result is sophisticated, satisfying, poetically named dishes like the Mushroom Forest, the Red Mist, and the Buddhist Feast. Then there's our own favorite, the Mu Shu Fantasia, a hearty toss of shredded cabbage, scallions, sprouts, mushrooms, and tender soy pâté served with the traditional thin crêpes and plum sauce, for a meal so savory and delicious, we've never once missed the meat.