Best Vietnamese

Superior Pho

In years past, you'd have to start any conversation about Superior Pho by warning people that it's a little hard to find. There's no storefront, after all. It's tucked in the middle of a plaza. And what's this pho thing they're serving? It had been a cherished little secret for those in the know, but those days are long gone. It's a downright love affair with the masses now. These days, talk about pho in Cleveland, and even though the city is blessed with an explosion of options from which to score the traditional Vietnamese soup, ask for the best and you'll be directed toward Superior Pho. And these days, you don't even have to give a heads up about the location. People know exactly where to find it. The Asia Town mainstay -- a favorite for quick lunches, group meals, and dates -- also dishes up a great banh mi, bubble tea, and other Vietnamese appetizers and entrees. Try them, but do yourself a favor and get some pho too.

3030 Superior Ave. $105, Cleveland, 216-781-7462,