Best View With a Beer

Major Hoopples River Bed Café

Unpretentious little Major Hoopples -- a good old-fashioned, noisy neighborhood watering hole -- has been blessed with an absolutely gorgeous view of the city. From its perch on a hillside near the western bank of the Cuyahoga River, the bar provides a perfect perspective on the maze-like tangle of bridges crisscrossing the Flats. As if that weren't industrially artsy enough, behind the bridges rises glorious Tower City, shining on the horizon like a ruddy version of Oz. Viewed through Hoopples' big picture window, it's a sight worth raising a glass to. As a bonus, if you plan to drink in the view on a Friday night, you can also order up a $5 platter of thick, breaded walleye filets, served alongside buttery pierogi and creamy coleslaw, for a real taste of Cleveland on the cheap.