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Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern

Living in the city, it's easy to forget that much of Northeast Ohio's rolling, wooded landscape is heartbreakingly beautiful. Fortunately, it takes just a short trip to Twinsburg's regally rustic Blue Canyon Kitchen to refresh our memories. Perched on a ridge overlooking the undulating topography of the Tinker's Creek valley, this rambling log cabin of a restaurant offers a truly impressive panorama, particularly from an alfresco table on the terrace. The view is at its most spectacular during the autumn, when acres of hardwood forest become a patchwork quilt of oranges, reds, and yellows. Absorb it with a glass of wine and something from Executive Chef Brandt Evans' creative menu of updated American classics - dishes like lobster-spinach mac and cheese, barbecued shredded-chicken strudel, or seared Atlantic salmon with coconut and curry. Relaxing, refreshing, and reinvigorating, a journey to Blue Canyon country makes life in the concrete jungle easier to bear.

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