Best Viking Rappers

Norse Law

For most MCs, being hardcore means getting lots of bad tattoos and owning the deluxe version of Scarface on DVD. But for Norse Law main man Valhalla Ice, it's all about brandishing a broadsword, wearing a horned helmet, and rapping about Norwegian gods in a voice that sounds like Freddy Krueger with a tracheotomy. Now that's hardcore. Once a trio, Norse Law now consists solely of Ice and various studio musicians. The slimmed-down lineup benefits Norse Law on its latest, Macabre Skies. Over blasting black-metal guitar and old-school hip-hop beats, Ice drops randy rhymes in a gruff bark: "Oh, like it don't show/I'm raping this track like Kobe Bryant rapes ho's." Profane and unrepentant, Norse Law proves that rap-rock doesn't have to suck.