Best Vocalist

Vinnie DiFranco

Ohio Sky's Vinnie DiFranco Cleveland has hundreds of bands, no end of would-be frontpeople, and a handful of full-fledged singers. Ohio Sky singer-guitarist Vinnie DiFranco tops them all. Like his band's music, DiFranco's voice knows no bounds, whether he's servicing a psychedelic passage or tearing up a rock track. To date, the Cleveland group's tour de force is "You Want More," from 2008's Apophis EP. On the emotional powderkeg, the singer belts it out from his gut in verses, then soars when it's time for a chorus. If he's a new name, no wonder: Ohio Sky is his first turn as frontman. Apophis marked his recording debut, but the group spent the summer recording an as-yet-untitled full-length inaugural record that's as wide-open as the quintet's name suggests. On the three tracks we've heard, DiFranco's voice is bigger and deeper than ever. If this keeps up, it'll fill an entire arena one day.