Best Walking Tours

Lakeview Cemetery

Cemetery strolls aren't just for morbid goth kids with Bauhaus on their iPods. Rambling, pastoral Lake View Cemetery, 150 years old this year, is a repository of the area's history — both human and natural. A walk through its 285 acres yields an overwhelming store of information about the city's former citizens, sculpture and design, landscaping, horticulture, geology and biology. It is even, as many Cleveland residents know, the burial place of President James A. Garfield — as well as Eliot Ness and John D. Rockefeller. Lake View enlists experts to conduct tours that focus on themes like the cemetery's flora and fauna, the sports figures buried there or monuments that feature angel statues. There are a couple of October tours before they end for the season, but the cemetery is open every day for those who want to walk on their own. (12316 Euclid Ave., 216.421.2665, — Pantsios