Best Way from Downtown to the Forest on Bike

Erie Canal Towpath

So here's what you do: Take your favorite route from downtown to Tremont. Get to the south end of West 14th Street and, just before the moron-death roundabout, you'll see an asphalt path to your left headed down the hill on Quigley Road. Take that path — it'll lead you through a couple of small tunnels, and you'll soon find yourself pedaling along with a picturesque view of the loading docks behind Steelyard Commons on the right and trains galore on your left. When this path ends, you'll find yourself dumped onto Jennings Road. Take the Jennings bike path (you'll know it by the assloads of broken glass congregated there) to Harvard Road and go left. Within sight, on the right side of the road, will be the Harvard Metroparks entrance, which also happens to be the Northern terminus of the Towpath. This will take you maybe 30 minutes, and you'll be set loose in some of the most humane surroundings that Cleveland has to offer. You're welcome. — Kretsch