Best Way to Blow $2,500 in a Night

Ritz-Carlton's Presidential Suite

The folks at Cleveland's swankiest hotel clearly have their priorities straight. When you emerge from the elevator on the top floor, you're dumped directly into the posh club-level lounge. There, depending on the hour, you're met by spreads of pastries, sushi, filet mignon, scones, tarts, cakes, and more. Oh, and there's booze - a bar stocked with wine, beer, and liquor. Make your way to the hotel's best digs - the Presidential Suite, aka Pimp Palace. Inside, you can lounge on any of 18 antique chairs and couches in the living room, dining room, sitting room, or bedroom, and check out sweeping views of both the Cuyahoga and Lake Erie. But why sit, when you can soak? There's a hot tub for two, which the staff will fill with suds and rose petals if you ask. And there's a fine selection of top-shelf complimentary liquor in the full kitchen. And if you're still not getting your money's worth, fret not. They have a credo at the RC: If it's smaller than an elephant and a guest wants it, they'll find a way to provide it.