Best Way to Get a Homemade Meal on the Table

Simply Done Dinners

Everyone can use a helpmate - you know, someone to do the meal planning, the shopping, and the cleaning up when time is at a premium. While she won't pick up the dry cleaning or send out your Christmas cards, chef Michelle Gaw does fill the bill when it comes to getting a real, homemade dinner on your table. Her concept, Simply Done Dinners, is appropriately straightforward. Harried homemakers can log onto Gaw's website, choose a dozen dishes from a monthly menu of homey favorites, and then reserve a time to come into her Parma facility, toss on an apron, and assemble the ingredients, which have been purchased, prepped, and organized in advance. Two hours and $197 later, you'll leave with 12 freezer-ready dishes - anything from beef stew to pineapple cobbler. Of course, she also provides thawing and cooking instructions, and a full nutritional analysis. And oh yeah: Gaw does the dishes. Now who do we talk to about washing those windows?