Best Way to Get Lost on the Way to Lunch

Asia Tea House

Staff Pick

"It's kind of like a hidden treasure," admits Asia Tea House manager Henry Duong. This makeshift cafe is buried deep inside an Asian grocery, which itself is located in an Asian-themed mall, which itself is tucked into an Asian neighborhood. The reward for adventurous diners who do make the journey is homestyle Vietnamese and Chinese food so good you'll forget the way home. Big bowls of bun bo hue, spicy Vietnamese beef noodle soup, are on the billing next to less assertive yet equally comforting vessels of shrimp dumpling and noodle soup. And then there are the chestnut-colored Cantonese-style roast ducks, hanging by the crook of their necks behind glass until ordered, hacked into slices, and served with rice and greens. Before you leave, load up a sack with fresh-baked buns filled with BBQ pork, cheese and bacon, or mung beans and coconut.

3820 Superior Ave., 216-621-1681.