Best West Side Market Vendor

Ohio City Pasta

It took us a while to truly appreciate the utility of the Ohio City Pasta stand at the West Side Market. When you’re staring down glistening seafood, cowboy-size steaks, and mountains of spicy beef jerky, pale pasta kinda gets lost in the crowd. But in terms of actual weekday meal planning, this place is a dream. Stock your fridge with fresh pasta like basil angel hair or saffron pappardelle. Load up your freezer with ravioli stuffed with cheese and truffle or crab and shrimp. Stow away some sauces like the bright and summery pesto, the spicy arrabiata, or the indulgent lobster cream. These are the kinds of meals we live on, day in and day out. Steak is great, but pasta doesn’t require a grill.

Stand E3, 1979 West 25th St., 216-696-3388,