Best West Side Market Vendor

Ohio City Pasta

Readers' Choice

For more than 25 years, Ohio City Pasta has been quietly, painstakingly doing its thing: making high-quality artisanal pasta in a variety of traditional and unexpected shapes and flavors. Nobody could fault you for sticking with that finely textured angel hair while shopping at the West Side Market stand (E3), but for variety's sake, mix it up every now and then. Try some spicy lime and cilantro pasta, for example. Or maybe saffron is more your thing. Or dark-as-night squid ink. This pasta is so good that in 60 seconds' time, and with the addition of little more than fresh garlic and melted butter, you can be enjoying a classic Roman feast. Should you find yourself wanting some red sauce, never fear; the shop sells a mean Bolognese too.

1979 West 25th St., 216-241-5444,