Best Window Display

H.W. Beattie and Sons

A glittering Euclid Avenue remnant from the days of "Millionaires' Row," this location of the 122-year-old family jewelers was established in 1917 to serve that monied clientele. Twenty-year employee Richard Chase arranges the diamond rings and sapphire pendants in patterns that seem positioned expressly to catch the noon light, the rainbow twinkle luring clusters of females on their lunch hour. The real attraction, however, is Lucy Beattie's loose-stone "picture designs," made from the store's supply of 20,000 rubies, onyxes, topazes, emeralds, and diamonds, some as small as dust specks. Her creations, which change every two or three weeks, include the traditional St. Patrick's Day four-leaf clovers, Fourth of July star-spangled banners, and perhaps a musical instrument for the opening of the Cleveland Orchestra Season.