Best Wine Bar


There isn't a sign -- not even an address marker -- outside 806. Instead, just look for the dim red lantern flickering in the doorway. Cross the threshold, and find yourself inside a tiny jewel box of a room, lined in velvet and filled with bijoux of marble, glass, and gleaming wood. It's almost like a high-Victorian parlor, you think . . . at least until you notice the spaced-out music and the disturbing, Picasso-esque portraits on the wall. Clearly, you need a drink, so check out the wine list -- everything from Italian Moscato D'Asti to Mt. Veeder Cabernet -- or the fine martini menu (try barkeep Jody Manning's fab Espresso Martini, like a fierce and frothy mocha milkshake). Don't come sniffing around here for cheese platters or crackers, though. This is a wine bar, not a snack bar, and if you want a meal, you can haul your butt on over to Lola or Theory.