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Humble Wine Bar

Until Humble came along, we thought we had the wine bar genre pegged. These dark, cozy, European-tinged cafés with well worn wood floors paired a great wine list with hushed voices and mediocre prepared food. Humble doesn't much look like your typical wine bar. In place of dark and woodsy is white and glassy, with polished concrete, yards of glass and a sea of white subway tile. A modern tin ceiling caps off the room, while an open-mouthed pizza oven breathes fire from its prominent perch. While limited, the menu at Humble covers way more ground than your basic wine boite. There are those killer thin-crust pies, well assembled charcuterie and cheese plates, and enough hot appetizers to flush out a meal. In fact, all this wine bar has in common with other wine bars is the wine.

15400 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 216-767-5977,

Staff Pick: Toast