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Rocky River Wine Bar

Readers' Choice

Located in a quiet spot right in the heart of downtown Rocky River — in a grotto of sorts off Linda Street — Rocky River Wine Bar has long been a westside gem. Credited informally with kicking off River's Linda/Detroit development boom (see Bomba, Whole Foods, Market, etc.), the place is upscale without being snooty, and you can always count on a good time when you stop by. You can pretty much cite any rationale for dining here: from graduation dinners and anniversaries to, hey, it's Tuesday night and we're hungry. The weather is warming up too, so the patio should be at the top of any Clevelander's outdoor drinking list. The wine is the centerpiece, but the food is top-notch. Oh, and do order a round of sweet potato fries. You can thank us later.

1313 Linda St., Rocky River, 440-799-4300,