Best Wine List

Grovewood Tavern & Wine Bar

Except in the matter of paychecks, bigger is not always better. Thus, while there are plenty of upscale restaurants with massive tomes of rare and pricey vintages, we count the comfy little Grovewood's collection of a mere 150 or so bottles as one of the best wine lists around. The assortment is excellent, and nearly two-thirds of the offerings on the well-organized list are available by the glass, making it easy for wine lovers to experiment with unfamiliar vintages and styles. And best of all, prices are engagingly wallet-friendly. While many restaurants routinely double the retail cost of a bottle, the Grovewood's markup is generally a flat $8 -- and nothing goes for more than $9.75 a glass, making wining and dining here an eminently affordable pleasure.

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