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Winking Lizard

Readers' Choice

Ah, the humble chicken wing, an almost mandatory inclusion on every menu in town, from your corner bar to higher-end restaurants with big-name chefs at the helm. And why not? They are inarguably delicious, easy to dress up, easy to dress down, and basically hard to screw up — even bad wings tend to be better than no wings. Ah, but good chicken wings: Those you remember. Those you crave. Those you come back for when that succulent combination of quality meat, a perfectly executed fry leaving a crispy exterior and juicy, moist interior, and sauce all line up in harmony. Which is why Cleveland returns to Winking Lizards time and time again, among other reasons. The Lizard dishes up five, 10 and 20 packs of their bird parts with more than 20 sauce options, from the mild BBQ to the tongue-searing Magma. Give us the five, 10 and 20 pack, and all twentysomething sauces. Well, maybe not the Magma.

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