Best World's Fare

Johnny Mango World Café & Bar

Fictitious bon vivant and traveling gourmet Johnny Mango says, "Every time I eat, my mouth sings." And after enjoying brunch, lunch, or dinner at Mango's new East Side location, we suspect you'll be humming right along. Like a world tour for your taste buds, the remarkably well-traveled menu roams from pad thai to Jamaican jerk chicken and from black-bean burritos to fried tofu. Along the way, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the well-stocked bar, where the options range from Fruity Long Islands to Brazilian caipirinhas and Cuban mojitos. If the globally attuned menu isn't enough to transport you to another land, the laid-back island vibe may do the trick. Margaritas and guacamole, enjoyed beneath a cloud-painted sky while calypso and salsa play in the background, make Johnny Mango's port worth revisiting.