Best Wurst

Frank's Bratwurst

Frank Ratschki moved to Cleveland from Austria in 1962 to partake in the American Dream — a dream that included tasty sausages. Since 1970, the Ratschki family has served his bold and spicy bratwursts from a small kiosk at the West Side Market. Today, Frank's grandson works the stand and brags about the celebrities who have stopped by for some eats: Hillary Clinton posed with a brat for a photo in 1992, as did Chevy Chase. But at $2.50 a sandwich, you don't have to be famous to enjoy one of these brats. Which is good, because no Johnsonville can compare to the smoky, homemade flavor of these bad boys. When you go, it's important to abide by proper bratwurst etiquette. That means loading on the kraut and relish until it becomes a meal. The toppings are 50 cents extra, but you'll feel full until next Tuesday.