Best Yoga for Busy Bodies

Karma Yoga

Let go, they say. Surrender yourself. But what if you can't get your damn car off the friggin' freeway and into a godforsaken parking spot in time to get your ever-expanding ass into a studio in time to say "Om"? Well, that sucks. But it's also why Karma Yoga offers powerful, hour-long lunchtime classes five days a week. Karma's instructors and homey vibe make the place welcoming to first-time yogis and hand-standing veterans alike. The noon-hour classes start at 12:15 and usually end promptly at 1:15. They're taught by five different instructors -- from sweet and steady Marni Task on Mondays to Deanna "Bust-Your-Ass" Black on Fridays -- allowing you to pick your poison or sample them all. But no matter whose class you pick, bring your Speed Stick. The folks back at the cubicle farm will thank you.