Best Yoga Instructor

Marni Task

As an actress living in New York, Marni Task was constantly being told that she needed to look at her whole body as an instrument in her acting. Since she could never figure out which instrument her teachers were talking about — a flute? a French horn? — she decided to take up yoga. Task studied at the world-renowned Jivamukti Yoga Center in New York and became a certified yoga instructor in 1995. Three years ago, she moved back to Cleveland. Today, she's revered by fellow teachers and students alike. "She has a great understanding of the body, and she's good at articulating the way in which you can move your body to find that space where the mind and body begin to connect," says Tammy Lyons, Task's boss at Inner Bliss Yoga in Rocky River. Task is also good with non-yogis who just want to get their legs behind their head. At the end of her sessions, you feel stretched to your physical and mental limits.