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Big Brothers Brother

Imprints (



Many jazz combos are so complex, only fellow musicians can dig them. Lakewood trio Big Brothers Brother jams knee-deep in music theory. But the group doesn't beat its technical mastery over the heads of its listeners -- folks who probably don't know the difference between an arpeggio and an archipelago. On Imprints, bassist Mike Boyd, drummer Eric Bambic, and saxophonist/flutist Dave Kasper omit much of the mindless noodling that clutters many jazz records.

Considering the bare-bones element of the trio's instrumentation, Big Brothers Brother keeps things interesting with the occasional foray into funk and fusion. Boyd, whose bass-playing is the band's focal point, also plays guitar on tracks like "FreeSoul," and Kasper switches between tenor and alto sax before things dry up. Imprints is a promising debut that should please jazzbos and laymen alike.

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