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Bitch and Animal

With Susan Powter. Friday, March 12, at the Beachland Ballroom.


Ani DiFranco once metaphorically said that she has both spots and stripes. Righteous Babe Records' Bitch and Animal really have both: Bitch sometimes has a row of dots over her right eye; Animal has been known to sport a bright-red mohawk. They sound like a pro-wrestling tag team, but they're more likely to tag-team your sister.

"They're the lesbian Beatles," says a source in their camp. In addition to their anti-Bush sentiments and aggressive feminist attitudes, their hilarious and poignant repertoire sees them astutely applying no-longer-fashionable, old-school composition techniques such as narrative, songwriting, and wordplay ("Don't do crystal/Don't do boys/Don't do boys who do crystal/Don't do crystal boys"). Backed by their own violin, bongos, and bass, the songs vary from hymns to ganja odes, to echoing ballads of raw need and rapped cock-rock -- before wrapping it all up, as they did on last year's outstanding Sour Juice and Rhyme, with a long hidden track of Bitch talking like her British mother. After 10 years of interpretive dancing and relentlessly clever anti-folk un-pop, they're breaking up the band after this trek, "The Pussy Primary Tour." They're both working on solo records, and Animal wants to direct (seriously). "It's that combustive chemistry," says the B&A source. "They're creative people, you know?" Yeah, we know.

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