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Emerging Chefs, the Cleveland group that specializes in distinctive culinary events designed around up-and-coming chefs, has announced the chef, theme, and location of its next culinary adventure.

Dubbed "Dinner by Design," the event will feature AMP 150 chef Ellis Cooley and will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. on April 13 at the historic Tyler Village complex in Cleveland's St. Clair-Superior neighborhood.

Ellis is no stranger to pop-up food events. As co-founder of the monthly Dinner in the Dark series, he understands the importance of exposing his brand to diners who may not make it to the restaurant.

"Emerging Chefs gives me the opportunity to serve different food in a really cool location while reaching a different demographic," he explains.

The six-course dinner will be hosted in an open, loft-like space. It was that juxtaposition of elegant dining in a raw space that appealed to Cooley.

"I think that concept lends itself to really avant-garde food," notes the chef, adding that it affords him the opportunity to play around with flavors, ingredients, techniques, and presentations that he doesn't often get to employ.

One example will be foie gras torchon with "ice and snow": prepared duck liver served with ice wine gelée and powdered foie gras.

If it sounds a little out there, fear not: The chef promises that while a bit modern, dishes like this and others will be every bit as tasty as what he creates at AMP 150. "This is still going to be my food."

Mélange chef Adam Bostwick, also a Dinner in the Dark member, will prepare the amuse bouche and intermezzo.

Chef's Table tickets are $65 and general admission tickets are $55. All tickets can be purchased at emergingchefs7.eventbrite.com.

But hurry. All previous Emerging Chefs events have been sellouts, and this one will probably be no exception. — Trattner

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