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Blackest of the Black Tour

With Danzig, Chimaira, Behemoth, Himsa, Mortiis, and the Agony Scene. Wednesday, October 12, at House of Blues.


Glenn Danzig intended 2004 to be a celebration of his nearly 30 years of dark art. Then the punk icon's plans (and Circle of Snakes album) crashed and burned, and the burly frontman put the smack down, firing his handlers and management, replacing them with a team that could get his touted farewell tour off the ground. Last year's autumn trek was supposed to be his last, but was scaled down when the Blackest of the Black tour -- a mini-festival that was to be the culmination of his history of sharing the spotlight with heavy, hard, and morbid bands -- failed to strike a balance between content and commerce. This year, hardcore's dark Elvis will finally deliver the main event from last year's scrapped fest: Former Misfits guitarist Wolfgang Doyle von Frankenstein will join Danzig at the end of his set, performing a set of a dozen classic punk songs from Danzig's first big band.

Chief among the supporting acts are Danzig-indebted metalcore standouts Himsa and Cleveland's own Chimaira. Chimaira's latest self-titled album is earning rave reviews across the metal community and beyond, and has sold over 34,000 copies in seven weeks. The band is playing devastating 40-minute sets, opening with the album's first two songs, "Nothing Remains" and "Save Ourselves." "'Awesome' is the only way to describe Chimaira's third album," wrote Billboard. No argument here.

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