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The Last Wave (


On Blazer's The Last Wave, brothers Raymond and Jason Glenn set out to capture the sounds of their '80s childhoods. They could not have hit their target more dead-on. All the standard post-punk elements are present: new-wave synthesizer patches, straightforward drum programming, reverberating guitars, and swooning, slightly depressing vocals. Not only would the album have fit right into that period -- it might have stood out.

The songs are well written and produced, and when all the elements come together, they're beautiful. Sounding like a cross between The The's Matt Johnson and Morrissey, Jason Glenn's vocals float above the expansive music, providing memorable hooks on every track. Like A-Ha and New Order, Blazer gets miles of emotion from electronically programmed music and quantized beats. If you're a child (or simply a fan) of the '80s and are looking for something that is at once new and nostalgic, The Last Wave is your freshly printed ticket to the past.

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