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Blitz the Ambassador

With Edotkom, Play Havoc, Rime Royal, Iyan Anomolie, and DJ Sleepyhead. Sunday, December 17, at the Grog Shop.


Blitz the Ambassador ain't topping the charts. But not everyone measures success the same way. Only in his twenties, the Ghana-born MC has accomplished more than most aspiring rappers do in their entire careers. He's gone from working the freestyle battle circuit in New York to touring the globe, opening for artists like De La Soul and Common, the latter of which he's often compared to. Both are socially conscious artists, sharing a love for classic soul samples. But don't expect Blitz to be rocking a Gap commercial anytime soon. The lyricist abhors big corporations, which means he owns -- like lots of rappers -- his own label (Reprisal). The difference is that Blitz possesses the business savvy required of any real entrepreneur. In fact, he earned a degree in marketing at Kent State. That's where he hooked up with producer M. Tilla to create the underground favorite Soul Rebel, an album that jump-started his career. So while he may not technically be a local, Northeast Ohio definitely played a role in his evolution.

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