Money Where Your Mouth Is: Drop Notion


...In which the Scene music writers let a band speak for itself (because they're busy watching Operation Kitten Calendar on Acceptable TV.) Band: Drop Notion Hometown: Cleveland Sounds like: “A funky drum-and-bass-driven hard-rock explosion with money-maker-shakin' groove guitar and vocals that don't stop to breathe -- over rye bread.” Fun fact: “Drummer Joe and bassist Jared auditioned 27 guitar players before aquiring present guitarist Andy. Vocalist Chris used to play with local band Sly Natives." Playing: Opening for Fishbone 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 9th, at the Agora, 5000 Euclid Ave. Why you should see them: “A new experience in live music that demands attention different from the everyday rock show. Also, tickets are $14 and should be bought directly through Drop Notion. For tix contact us at We must sell at least 75 tickets, so contact us ASAP.” -- Joe Stefano, drums



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