Reader: Joe Cimperman deserved to get beat


Joe Cimperman was correct in his determination to get Dennis Kucinich’s portrait hung in Cleveland City Hall. After all, Kucinich saved Cleveland $195 million between 1985 and 1995 by refusing to sell Muny Light in 1978. As it turned out, the default was politically motivated and the city’s poor financial status could be attributed to the budget inherited from Ralph Perk and a city with an ever-decreasing tax base... Ironically, it seems as if Cimperman has turned toward the same dirty politics used to cause Cleveland to default on its loans, as evidenced by his distortions about Kucinich’s congressional voting record. Cimperman comes off as a hypocrite when he talks about Kucinich’s speeches being “show.” Meanwhile, Cimperman has cameras ready as he delivers his gift basket to Kucinich’s house. Perhaps Cimperman forgot who the real showman is! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and Cimperman seems to have modeled himself after Kucinich. Perhaps he will become the punch line for people’s jokes. Perhaps he’ll be referred to as “Joe Simpleman” because he surely looked stupid in this attempt to unseat Kucinich, someone who has worked so successfully for his constituents. David Jasinski Parma


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