Cleveland Ranked 23rd Drunkest City in America



The Daily Beast checks in today with another batch of city rankings, this time centering on booze.

Since those are two of our favorite things in this entire wonderful world, we thought we'd share the data.

Cleveland, as you can see in the helpful graphic to the right, comes in at No. 23 on the drunkest cities in America list. Yeah, we thought we'd be higher, too. 13.2 drinks a month? Um. Sure. Sure, doc, that's how many drinks we have a month. We're not counting light domestic beers, right?

But, it seems the binge drinkers among us are still holding down the fort. That, according to the data, is 18.2% of you. Grab five Clevelanders, and statistically, one of them is a binger. That's a nice fact. Look around your office. If you can't spot the binge drinker, it's probably you. Especially if you can't see straight enough to tell if that's Kelly or Adam over at the copy machine.

Boston claimed the top spot, which was entirely predictable.


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