Old School of the Arts Building Going ... Going ...



We posted two weeks ago about the demolition of the 100-year-old School of the Arts Building at University Circle, just as it was getting underway. Now the dismantling of the old school is underway in earnest.

As commuters headed home on Carnegie today, excavator buckets were slamming into the side of the building amidst a growing pile of rubble, as the building's southeast side disappeared.

Some pulled into nearby parking lots to stand around and watch — including some School of the Arts alumni, who expressed mixed feelings. A young man who said he'd graduated in 2010 sat in his car watching; he said he was excited to the new campus that is scheduled to open at the same spot in the fall of 2014. Jasmine, a 2004 theater graduate, snapped photos with her phone and said, "I wish before they did this, they'd let us graduates have a brick or something." — Anastasia Pantsios


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