No One Got Killed at the Shaker Heights Fireworks Celebration


What Shaker Heights fireworks looked like. Basically.
  • What Shaker Heights fireworks looked like. Basically.

San Diego took the cake for best fireworks display on Wednesday when 15 minutes of fireworks all shot off in 15 seconds. Lakewood took home the poop sandwich for worst display when the whole shebang was called off because of a computer malfunction.

Shaker Heights was somewhere in the middle. The fireworks went off, but 8 folks were arrested. Also, there were reports of gunshots, which sent citizens tingling with frenzied nerves.

Police Chief D. Scott Lee wants everyone to just simmer down for a moment and understand that no one was shot or killed. That's important to remember. In fact, so important, he said just that.

Via Shaker Heights Patch:

"It was obvious that a large group were not there to enjoy the event, but were there milling around looking for trouble," Lee said. "Nobody was killed. We did respond to the shots-fired calls.

"There was never any indication that anybody had shot (a gun) or was shot at."



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