Afternoon Brew: Bill Mason Resigns, Drunk Mom, Fat Man, and Saving on Road Salt


Shirt choice for mugshot: A+.
  • Shirt choice for mugshot: A+.

Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you get over the shock of Chris Perez not having said anything stupid or inflammatory in over a week.

— Bill Mason will resign as county prosecutor October 1, months before his term is up. Not strange at all. (

— A mom with three previous OVI convictions is nabbed for another, this time with her kid in the car. She had a .224 BAC but only admitted to having a margarita at Don Tequilas earlier in the day. In her defense, the report says the margarita was "Texas Size." (Chronicle Telegram)

— An Ohio death row inmate says he's too fat to be killed by lethal injection. Ohio could just save some cash and give him a year and an unlimited supply of McDonald's and he'll take care of the job himself. (AP)

— The state expects to save $10 million on road salt costs after a change to the bidding process. Specifically, it'll look around for cheap deals instead of agree to the first offer. Novel concept. (


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