(Updated) LeBron Fan Runs Onto Court, Gets Banned From Arena


Update: Fear the Sword has confirmed that James Blair is allowed back into the Q. Phew. That's a relief.  He deserves to root on LeBron in person (check out the pics of his bedroom below if you want to get a glimpse of his passion). Blair is understandably quite excited.


(Originally posted 3/21/13)

Missed the Cavs/Heat game last night?

A couple of things happened, including the Cavs blowing a 27-point lead and the Heat notching their 24th win in a row. Also, the scoreboard leaked and caused a delay.

And and and a LeBron fan ran onto the court during the action to shake LeBron's hand. Watch for yourself. He was subsequently banned from the arena.

Strange, right? Not so strange, though, after you see this fella's bedroom. Welcome to James Blair's sleeping quarters/stalkish lair. It all makes creepy sense now.



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