Brunswick Mom Jailed for Middle School Parking Lot Fight


  • Image: Brunswick PD

Okay, this bullying epidemic was totally disturbing and tragic and all a couple years ago, but after the umpteenth cable news special on kids being dicks, it’s getting a little played out.

Thankfully, the mantle of barbarous juvenile antics is now being passed to…PT Cruiser-driving Brunswick moms.

Last Thursday, Medina Municipal Court sentenced 42-year-old Brunswick resident Connie L. Edmiston to a month in jail for first-degree assault of another Brunswick parent. Last January, Edmiston and Carolyn Smilor were waiting outside Willetts Middle School to pick up their respective sons. Smilor had previously scolded Edmiston’s son for bullying other children, prompting Edmison’s husband to threateningly follow her in his car several times. But the Edmistons weren’t finished exacting vengeance.

According to bystanders, Edmiston approached Smilor’s PT Cruiser, “yelling about ‘calling her son a bully’.” When Smilor rolled down her window, Edmiston punched her in the face. Edmiston’s attorney claimed that Smilor first spit in his client’s face. Smilor’s attorney said she could have died from Edmiston’s blow due to her multiple sclerosis.

While national attention has remained preoccupied with how we managed to raise a generation of shitty little Damiens, over here at Scene, we’re a little more perplexed by this Madea-style vigilante matriarch pandemic.

A couple weeks ago, a mother and her 14-year-old son were arrested together in a Cleveland Heights parking lot after the son became enmeshed in a brawl and his mom decided to get in on the action. Also there was this. And this.

We’re not sure what catalyzed the trend, but we’re pretty sure MILFs (Mom I’d Like to Fight) are edging out the regular kind.


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